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Experience friendly staff, excellent service, and beautiful smiles at Portal Dental Care. Located on North Bammel Road, we are more than just your average dental clinic; we’re a dental family you can trust.

We excel in a wide array of dental services, from emergency care to routine cleaning, and cosmetic enhancements. Our team collaborates with you and your insurance provider to develop personalized treatment plans. We’re not just about immediate care; we also equip you with tips and guidance for maintaining your oral health long-term.

If you’re struggling with dental issues—be it cavities, gum disease, or complex surgical needs—we’re here to provide expert care in a comfortable setting. Our mission goes beyond procedures; we aim to restore your confidence in your smile and build a lasting relationship with you and your family. There’s no reason to compromise on your oral health; book an appointment today and make it your priority.

Why Choose Portal Dental Care?

We understand that dental visits can be nerve-wracking. That’s why our approach sets us apart. Equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology and comforting VIP amenities like warm towels and entertainment options, we redefine what going to the dentist means for you and your family. Choosing us as your family dentist means you’re already part of our family, and we treat you as such—always striving to exceed our own high standards of care.

Comprehensive Dental Solutions Under One Roof

Whether you’re bringing in your child for their first dental visit or seeking advanced restorative treatments, we cater to patients of all ages. We collaborate closely with you and your insurance company to create a treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle.

Let Us Restore Your Winning Smile

If you’re dealing with dental issues ranging from gum disease, cavities, and wisdom teeth problems, to cosmetic concerns like gaps, discoloration, or crooked teeth—don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our caring team will guide you from the moment you step into our clinic until long after you leave, ensuring your oral health is our priority #1.

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Our Dental Services

General Dentistry

At Portal Dental Care, our general dentistry services are the bedrock of oral wellness. From routine cleanings to fillings, we offer comprehensive treatments to ensure your smile stays healthy for a lifetime.


Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your smile, our cosmetic dentistry services are for you. From veneers to teeth whitening, we offer a variety of options to make your smile truly shine.


Specialized Services

For dental needs that require focused expertise, our specialized services have you covered. Whether it’s a root canal or sleep apnea treatment, our team is trained in the latest techniques to deliver the highest level of care.


Pediatric Care

Children have unique dental needs, and our pediatric care is specifically tailored to make their dental visits enjoyable and educational. We strive to create a comfortable, kid-friendly environment.



Your gums are the foundation of your oral health. Our periodontal services focus on preventing, diagnosing, and treating gum diseases to ensure your smile remains both beautiful and healthy.


    Restorative Dentistry

    From dental implants to bridges, our restorative dentistry services aim to revive the function and aesthetics of your smile. If you have missing or damaged teeth, we offer multiple solutions to restore your dental health.



      Want a straighter smile? Our orthodontic services offer a range of options, from traditional braces to Invisalign, to align your teeth and enhance your smile.


      Additional Services

      For those who suffer from TMJ disorders or require specialized dental appliances like night guards, our additional services offer focused solutions to meet these specific needs.


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