Crown Lengthening

Elevate Your Smile with Crown Lengthening

We are excited to introduce you to our top-of-the-line crown lengthening services, aimed to enrich not just the aesthetics of your smile but also to improve your overall oral health.

What Exactly is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is an advanced dental surgery procedure performed by our highly skilled periodontists. The surgery is designed to reveal more of your natural teeth by delicately trimming away extra gum or bone tissue that may be obscuring them. This procedure can target a single tooth, multiple teeth, or your complete gum line, based on your unique needs.

Why Should You Consider Crown Lengthening?

This transformative dental procedure comes with a host of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics:

  1. Damage Restoration: Whether your teeth have been impacted by trauma, decay, or periodontal disease, crown lengthening provides an effective solution by making it easier to restore damaged teeth that are beneath the gum line.
  2. Decay Prevention: Too much gum tissue can hide your teeth and create pockets where bacteria can grow. Crown lengthening helps to expose more of your tooth’s surface for easier cleaning, significantly reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum infections.
  3. Enhanced Smile: The procedure efficiently lowers the gum tissue and bone levels to reveal a broader smile that you can confidently flaunt.
  4. Support for Dental Crowns: Crown lengthening offers adequate space between the dental crown and jawbone, preventing damage to the gums or bone when a new crown is placed.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Are you contemplating whether crown lengthening is the right choice for you? Here are some scenarios where you would benefit from a consultation at Portal Dental Care:

  • You have excessive gum tissue that makes your teeth appear shorter.
  • Your tooth has cracked or broken below the gum line.
  • You have a history of frequent tooth decay or gum disease due to excess gum tissue.
  • You need to undergo a specific dental treatment such as a filling, extraction, or dental crown and the short length of your teeth is complicating the procedure.

Getting Started with Crown Lengthening at Portal Dental Care

Before you undergo the procedure, our dental team will conduct a thorough review of your medical history and perform an oral examination, including X-rays. This is to ensure that crown lengthening is the most appropriate treatment for you. You’ll be educated on the procedure, its risks, and benefits, giving you the opportunity to have all your questions answered.

A Comfortable Experience Awaits You

At Portal Dental Care, we prioritize your comfort. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb the area around the tooth or teeth being treated, ensuring a virtually pain-free experience.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Once the anesthesia takes effect, our expert periodontist will proceed with the surgical process, making careful incisions to gently trim and reshape excess gum tissue. In certain instances, bone around the root of your tooth may also be removed to achieve the best results.

After the adjustments are made, the surgical area is thoroughly cleaned and then sutured to facilitate healing. A specialized dressing may be applied over the surgical site to prevent infection and assist in the healing process.

Post-Operative Care

The recovery period generally lasts for about three months, during which you will be guided with comprehensive post-operative instructions. You’ll need to return to our clinic after 7-10 days for suture removal and a routine follow-up after 4-6 weeks to monitor your healing.

Helpful Tips for a Smooth Recovery

  • Swelling and Pain Management: Ice packs and prescribed medication will help alleviate any discomfort and swelling.
  • Diet: Opt for soft foods and avoid spicy or hard items that could irritate the surgical site.
  • Oral Hygiene: Gentle brushing is encouraged, but avoid the surgical site initially. Mouthwash can be reintroduced after the first 24 hours.

When Should You Contact Portal Dental Care?

Post-surgery, it’s crucial to be aware of your body’s signals. Contact our clinic immediately if you experience:

  • Severe, unmanageable pain
  • Signs of an allergic reaction to medication
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Loose or fallen bandage
  • Marked swelling or discharge from the surgical site

Transform Your Smile Today!

At Portal Dental Care, located at 12035 Bammel N. Houston Rd., Houston, TX, 77066, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized dental solutions designed to meet your unique needs. Our crown lengthening procedure aims not only to transform your smile but also to significantly improve your oral health, giving you the confidence to face the world with a broader, brighter smile.

Ready to Begin Your Journey to a Better Smile?

Don’t wait to give your smile the attention it deserves. Contact us today at (832) 286-1014 to schedule your personalized consultation. Our dedicated team at Portal Dental Care is eager to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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