Nitrous Oxide

Experience the Ease of Dental Procedures with Nitrous Oxide at Portal Dental Pasadena

If you’ve ever dreaded a trip to the dentist, you’re not alone. But at Portal Dental Pasadena, we offer Nitrous Oxide—popularly known as laughing gas—as a trusted and commonly used sedation method to alleviate your concerns.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

By inhaling this carefully administered gas at our Pasadena clinic, located at 3409 Spencer Hwy Suite 100, Pasadena Texas 77504, you’ll enter a state of euphoria and relaxation. Any nervousness or tension you may have felt will vanish, allowing you to comfortably undergo your dental treatment.

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

Absolutely. Not only is Nitrous Oxide effective in keeping you calm, but its effects also wear off relatively quickly post-procedure. In most instances, you’ll be in a condition to drive yourself back home and resume your day-to-day activities without any hindrance.

Pre-Procedure Steps

Before opting for Nitrous Oxide sedation, you’ll need an initial consultation with one of our dentists to assess your suitability for this type of sedation.

Put Your Dental Fears to Rest

No more anxiety over dental visits! Call Portal Dental Pasadena at (281) 888-3454 to inquire about Nitrous Oxide sedation and book your appointment now.

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