Sleep Apnea

Combatting Sleep Apnea with Portal Dental Care

Located at 12035 Bammel N. Houston Rd., Houston, TX, 77066, Portal Dental Care offers a variety of surgical options to address the persistent problem of sleep apnea. This condition involves blockage of the upper airways during sleep, often resulting from excess tissue in the throat.

Surgical Solutions for Better Sleep

We offer several procedures to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea, each designed to clear the upper air passages.

  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP): Performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting, this operation eliminates extra tissue from the throat and upper mouth, reducing airway obstruction.
  • Maxillomandibular Advancement: This technique focuses on the upper and lower jaws. By moving the jaw forward, we create more space behind the soft palate, which further reduces obstruction.
  • Tracheostomy: This is the final resort when other treatments haven’t been successful. In this procedure, a tube is inserted into your throat to facilitate breathing. The tube remains covered during the day and opens up at night to ensure unobstructed breathing while you sleep.

Safety and Effectiveness

All our sleep apnea procedures are routinely performed and carefully monitored to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

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